Author Keywana Wright


Author Keywana Wright

Keywana Wright is a native of Flint, Michigan. She is a devoted mother of one daughter, Miss Tayler Williams. Ms. Wright is a self-publisher and author of the four short devotional books, Walking in God’s Destiny, Keywana’ s Collection of Prayers and Poems, 31 daily prayers for the Virtuous woman, and One leap into your God-Given purpose.  She is a motivational speaker, writer, and prayer warriors. She hosts 5 Minutes Words of Encouragement on Facebook lives on Friday mornings.  A podcast program “Good Night Prayers with Keywana Wright” on Tuesday’s at 9 pm. 

Keywana is a Jr. Missionary and serves in various capacities at her local church as well as the community. Keywana’ s dream is to work and serve in full-time women’s outreach ministry. She has a God-giving love for women and to help them reach their purpose in the Kingdom of God. She believes in the power of prayer. She is a witness that there is nothing impossible to him that believes. 

Over the past 14 years, she has continued to work in the Human Service Field. She also has worked with domestic violence and sexual assault victims.

She is a volunteer at Carriage Town Ministries. She encourages and uplifts the women at Carriage Town with her mentor, Minister Brittany Willingham. Keywana is certified as a Life coach. 

Keywana holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family Life Education from Spring Arbor University. She has a certificate in Leadership in Ministry. She continues to work in women’s ministry in her local church and outreach ministry.

Keywana’ s favorite bible verse, “In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path. Proverbs 3:6