Aida L Sanchez is a Speaker, Coach, Author, and Kingdom Serial Preneur who has inspired and coached individuals throughout the United States since 1990, with over 30  years of experience of coaching and consulting as an entrepreneur.  Aida has used her business as her ministry which has lead many of her business partners to Christ and empowered them to shift their mindset to believe big and walk by faith. In addition, she has helped various individuals discover their gifts and coached them on how to create their dream business, as well as scale it to create multiple streams of income.  She has a passion for empowering women to rise above their current situation and activate their creative ability to produce and dominate, and serve their community; and be a change agent. 


Aida believes in the power of sharing your story to impact others. She believes that our stories are not about us, but for helping to inspire others. She encourages others to become an author by using their story, as well as any information that can help solve a problem for others. 


In 2016, she became the founder of ARISE, her 5 Step System she uses to empower others to manifest their dreams as they partner with God. She believes that opportunities are birthed through a crisis, and we have everything in us to live our best Kingdom life.


Aida has worked in the Social Services arena and in 2019 she took a leap of faith from her HR profession to work doing what she loves. Aida has broken the chains that kept her bound and is happy to declare total freedom to live her life of purpose on purpose. Aida challenges you to Dare to ARISE and Shine because now is the time to position yourself for the possession.


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Aida L. Sanchez